Kaarin’s immense talent and ability are only surpassed by her large heart and gracious demeanor. She adds so much to everything she undertakes. She is a dependable, gifted, and gracious musical colleague, and she goes above and beyond what is required. There have been times when I don’t know what I would have done without her. Kaarin communicates through her music. You won’t find a better or more passionate musician. 

— John Herrick, Director of Music, Unitarian Universalist Church of Charlotte, Charlotte, NC, 2015

Besides being an amazing collaborative pianist, Kaarin Record Leach always went above and beyond what was required. Whether it was assisting with warm-ups/rehearsal or jumping in to chaperone, she always found a way to make it happen while maintaining a warm, positive environment for the students. Ms. Leach also proved to be an invaluable resource for me as a new teacher through her knowledge and encouragement.

— Evan Headrick, MM Choral Conducting, Choral Conductor, Marvin Ridge High School, Waxhaw, NC, 2015


Natalie Glendening

Working with Kaarin was truly one of my greatest pleasures at Westminster - always ready to make great music! Kaarin's sensitivity to the needs of the vocal instrument and her knowledge of evoking and supporting beautiful singing with expressive playing helped shape my technique and performances immensely. If you are looking to improve your music-making with a knowledgeable, dedicated, and positive musician, look no further.

- Natalie Glendening, Soprano, Westminster Choir College, 2017

Kaarin is an absolute joy to work with. She is an accomplished pianist and anticipates the needs of the choir. Her playing is polished and expressive, and she supports the choir musically without overshadowing it. Kaarin is incredibly professional and is fun to work with. My students and I all love her.

Alexandra Sims, Choral Director, Parkwood High School, Monroe, NC, 2016

Kaarin Record Leach is by far one of the most thorough and technically proficient pianists I’ve worked with. I have used her several times for concerts and Music Performance Adjudications and have always been very pleased with her execution and attention to detail. I’m very glad I was able to work with her, and will continue to do so in the future. 

— Lynn Mitchell, Choral Director, Sun Valley High School, Monroe, NC, 2016

Kaarin’s talent is amazing. I have seen her perform beautifully as both an individual pianist and as an accompanist. As wonderful as her musicianship is, I have been even more impressed by her ability as a vocal performer; she seems to be able to interpret most any style of music. 

— Tom Nunnenkamp, Financial Advisor, Wells Fargo Advisors, Charlotte, NC, 2015

Kaarin Record Leach’s talent and influence as an educator extend beyond her technical mastery and exquisite musicality. As a role model and mentor to my daughter for more than seven years, Kaarin instilled confidence that transcended piano performance to every day. Her encouragement and guidance allow her students to embrace who and where they are on their respective musical journeys. She fosters a love of music and conveys its power to connect people. Her affection for and pride in her students is evident. She exudes graciousness, her positivity is infectious. Above all, she is a joy to spend time with. Working with Kaarin is an invaluable opportunity for those under her tutelage. Her mission to educate, collaborate and share her knowledge with her peers and students enables them to mine their own talents and further explore the limitless possibilities music offers.
— Mary Beth Chatelain, parent of former student, Charlotte, NC 2017

Kaarin has taught my daughter piano for years. She has a connection with these kids and a way of teaching that brings out their full music potential. While she expects her students to work hard and push themselves towards really advancing their skill, she does it in a truly encouraging and positive way. She’s a very special and extremely talented teacher and I would highly recommend her to anyone.

— Lisa Craig, parent of two former students, Charlotte, NC, 2017


Kaarin is in a league of her own when it comes to piano teachers. She taught our daughter (who had been taking piano for six years previously) and our son (a novice) for five years. During that time, she set performance goals with our daughter that took her abilities from impressive to phenomenal! Our son’s progress was equally satisfying - he enjoyed his lessons and her manner of teaching. Kaarin has a gift for cultivating technique, theory, and musicality in her students. She loves what she does, and this passion was instilled in my children. We are forever grateful for the high quality of music education that she shared with our family. She is a rare talent indeed.

— Lori Targonski, parent of two former students, Charlotte, NC, 2017


Yasmine Swanson

It is such a pleasure collaborating with Kaarin; she is attuned to the subtleties in the music and embraces the voice of each unique singer. Not only that, but she is such a fun person to work with!

Yasmine Swanson, Soprano, Westminster Choir College, 2018

Kaarin has accompanied my choir for almost 10 years. I cannot begin to tell you the talent she has shared with my students and me during that time. She is always prepared beyond measure and offers suggestions when asked about student voices, conducting, and any general music concerns. Kaarin has a very warm personality and an open heart for all ages. 

- Dy-Ann Sturgis, Choral Director, Weddington Middle School, Matthews, NC, 2016

While studying piano with Kaarin from ages 10-17, our daughter not only became a true musician, but developed an informed appreciation for fine music and gained tremendous confidence. Much more than an excellent piano teacher, Kaarin served as a trusted role model, set high - yet realistic - expectations, and motivated through positive coaching and consistent encouragement. When our daughter is home from college and fills our home with beautiful music, we are reminded of the long-lasting impact Kaarin has had on our entire family.

— Susan Messina, parent of former student, Charlotte, NC, 2017

Kaarin has been my collaborative pianist and vocal coach for the past 2 years. She has an extensive knowledge of repertoire and she does her due diligence when researching a piece. She has helped me tremendously with not only diction and musicianship but also expression and connection. Kaarin is a fantastic musician and an even greater person. She cares for people in a way that is truly inspiring. Singing is an art form closely connected to the soul, ego, and self confidence. Kaarin instills self value in a person and builds their self confidence immensely. She has a lot of experience in the professional music industry as well as a long history of teaching. I don’t know what kind of musician I would be without her and I am eternally grateful to her for all that she has taught me, in music and in life. Kaarin is one of the best in her field, no contest.
— Hannah Steele, Soprano, Westminster Choir College, 2018
Kaarin has coached my students at Westminster Choir College and I am always impressed by her preparation, musicality, and artistry. My students always improve on their way to becoming artists.
— Charles Walker, Voice Faculty, Westminster Choir College, Princeton, NJ, 2018
Kaarin Record Leach is equally blessed with both impeccable piano technique and masterful musicality. I have been blessed to work with her during the past three years and she is dependable and always prepared. Her most special attribute is a personality that makes working with her a load of fun. She is simply a consummate professional.
— Ronald D. Payne, Music Department Chair and Director of Bands, Charlotte Latin School, Charlotte, NC, 2016